130 Points and You Still Don’t Win? Wow!

Like it or not the old style of play is definitely gone in the NBA.  You used to have hard fouls, a lot of defense and games that ended well under 100 points.  That is no longer the case.  Today’s matchup between the Cavaliers and Hawks are a prime example.  The Atlanta Hawks scored 130 points and they still lost.  That is crazy to me.  Maybe I need to hang out with Charles Barkley because we might just be cut from the same thread.

Charles and I both hate the new style of the NBA.  Players chucking up three’s any chance they can get and jump shooting teams winning the championship.  That never would have happened when I was growing up watching Michael Jordan dominate the NBA.  The Atlanta Hawks may be missing Kyle Korver since he now plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Kyle has been shooting the ball really well since joining the team and it gives Lebron yet another weapon to add to his arsenal.

Cleveland set a new NBA record with the number of three pointers made in a game.  They hit 25 of them against the Hawks.  That is a lot of jump shooting.  It just keeps getting worse as time goes on.  This year the record has been broken several times.  The Houston Rockets broke the record earlier this season with 24 3’s made and of course who could forget the Golden State Warriors who always shoot an alarming number of 3’s as well.

How long with this number stand?  Only time will tell, but at the rate in which teams are shooting the 3 ball, I don’t think it will hold for very long.  Kyle Korver made a very important bucket down the stretch to keep the Hawks from finishing their comeback.  The Cavs  and Carpet Cleaning Hollywood Florida almost blew a 25 point lead as the Hawks made a valiant effort to get back in the game.

Golden State Warriors Had A Scary Day Today

According to some, the Golden State Warriors are no longer the favorites to win the NBA title.  Today one of the biggest stars in the game Kevin Durant went down with an injury.  He has a sprained MCL and a bone bruise after Zaza Pachulia fell backwards onto the left knee Kevin Durant.  He has basically hyperextended his left knee and will be out at least four weeks and possibly the rest of the season.  They are going to reevaluate the situation after some time off to recover.

So what is in store for Golden State now?  If you ask me they are still fine.  They have 3 other all star players in their line up even without Kevin Durant.  Also, keep in mind that last year they had no problems making the NBA finals.  They had a 3-1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers with 3 chances to take home the trophy.  Personally, I don’t think they have a lot to worry about.

I will say however, the road to the finals this year may be a bit more difficult.  The San Antonio Spurs are a team that no one really talks about.  They are simply going to work and getting the job done night in and night out.  The Spurs are only 4 games behind Golden State right now for the top seed in the west.  I don’t see them overcoming the Warriors for the top spot but I do think Golden State is going to have a difficult time beating the Spurs in the playoffs.

They should get the job done and make the NBA finals.  On the other side of the league we have the Cleveland Cavs who made some big upgrades to their roster this week.  They are working out the details to acquire Deron Williams as their point guard and Andrew Bogut for water damage greenwood in.  These two should make a big impact on the team and will really shape up the bench squad.  If the bench can improve the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be a tough team to beat and may just be the overall favorites going into the playoffs.

Who Will Win The NCAA Championship in 2017?

It is about that time of year again.  There will be hours and hours of basketball on the television, coworkers will be betting against one another and creating brackets for their favorite team and someone will walk away with a Championship.  Of course, I am talking about the NCAA tournament.

The tournament starts on March 14th and officially ends on April 3rd.  As of right now the top seeds are Kansas, Villanova, Gonzaga and North Carolina.  Although it is pretty much impossible to predict every game of the tournament correctly, it is usually fairly simple to figure out who the finalists will be.  As for me, I think the rankings are going to hold up fairly well this year and I believe we will see two top seeds make it to the finals.  Who will that be?….

I believe that Villanova and Kansas will be the two teams that make it to the NCAA finals in 2017.  They both have very solid offensive and defensive teams.  This year the NCAA final four will be held in Phoenix, Arizona.  Overall, I see Kansas as the strongest team and I think they will walk away with the championship.  If it doesn’t happen it won’t be the first mediums in salem time I have been wrong.  However, I do have others backing me up as well.  Several of the ESPN analysts have gone with my pick as well.

We will definitely have our share of upsets this year like we tend to see every year.  Which ones those will be is very hard to say.  We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.  See you on Tuesday March 14th.  I’ll be ready for you.

What Should The Indiana Pacers Do With Paul George?

Well, the NBA trade deadline has just passed and despite a lot of rumors and talk, the Indiana Pacers did not make any major moves with their best player Paul George.  Paul George has been pretty vocal lately that he wants to be on a team that is going to compete for the NBA Championship.  Even though the Pacers are in the less competitive Eastern Conference they are still a far cry from being the best in the East.

The Indiana Pacers are currently sitting at the number six spot in the eastern conference with a record of 29-26.  Just a few years ago they made the eastern conference finals and gave Lebron James and the Miami Heat all they could handle before being beaten.  However, that was a much different team.  One that focused heavily on defense.  In fact, the team has changed so much since then that Paul George is the only player left from that team.  David West has moved on to try to get a ring at Golden State, and George Hill was traded and has been thriving for the Utah Jazz.

Paul George has an option to enter free agency at the summer of 2018.  Larry Bird has already offered Paul George an extension at a max deal which would give Paul more than 20 million dollars per year.  This is definitely more than any other team in the league will be able to offer Paul George.  However, when you make that kind of money, getting paid the most is not necessarily your biggest priority.  Paul has been in the league for 8 years now and it is time for him to see a ring.  He would be willing to take less money for a chance at that.  And come on, taking less isn’t exactly going to hurt him.

Even if he did take a contract that earned him less money he will still be making 15 to 20 million a year.  That is not exactly roughing it.  It is more money that him or his family will be able to spend.  So what should the Pacers do knowing that Paul will most likely want to look into free agency?  I suggest they get the ball rolling quickly and look to get orlando fl psychics the most out of their All-Star while they have him.  They could get a great player from another team in a trade and some quality draft picks for a superstar of George’s caliber.

The upcoming draft is supposed to be filled with a lot of promising talent and this could bode well for Indiana.  They still have a wonderful talent in Myles Turner and could focus on building the team around him.  Only time will tell what the Indiana Pacers plan to do but the time is now and they need to act fast.

Jaromir Jagr still is dominating the NHL at 45

This week was a big deal in the career of Jaromir Jagr.  Not only did he celebrate his 45th birthday, he also was able to score his 1,900th point of his amazing career.  Jaromir currently plays for the Florida Panthers and is still making a difference for his team.  This past Friday he had an incredible solo effort to provide the Panthers with the go ahead goal in the second period.

Lately the Panthers have been putting up some really good numbers and it has all sprung from their focus on defense.  Jaromir Jagr is the main man behind the teams defense.  At the age of 45 he is definitely not a spring chicken.  However, at the rate he is going he will probably be able to continue playing until he reaches the age of 50 and still be a factor.

Jagr gave Florida a 2-1 lead with a moment of his ageless brilliance. He stole the puck from defenseman Josh Manson coming out from behind the Ducks’ net and calmly used a series of dekes to leave John Gibson seated on his backside before pocketing his 760th career goal.

“We fed their offense with our inability to execute with the puck,” Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said. “They turned the game in their favor with us gifting the puck to them.”

Rowe stressed a more controlled and focused approach to defense during the morning skate, and he used a timeout midway through third period to reinforce that lesson. Afterward, the Panthers were able to balance holding off the Ducks’ late charge and still getting into the offensive zone.

“I think prior to that we were sitting back a little too much, giving them too much respect,” Sceviour said. “We knew they were going to push. I think we started playing a little more in their end in the second 10 and that made it better for us.”

Andrew Cogliano scored a short-handed goal and Gibson stopped 27 shots for the Ducks, who had picked up a point in 12 of their previous 14 home games.

Anaheim’s stout penalty kill unit provided cassadaga psychic readings the first goal of the game early in the second. Cogliano was able to glove down Logan Shaw’s pass and scored on a breakaway, putting a shot between Reimer’s legs. Cogliano has now contributed three of the Ducks’ seven short-handed goals this season.

But the Panthers subsequently equalized on an innocuous wrist shot from Sceviour. There were three bodies in front of Gibson and he couldn’t see the shot until it was too late, as Sceviour picked up his seventh goal of the season.

“It’s a poised group on the bench,” Rowe said. “They don’t usually get too panicked. And that’s where Jags comes in. The veteran guys, they keep the young kids calm.”